Optify er nu en del af web- og marketingbureauet Attityde d. 1. juli 2023

A responsive website

A website works better when it is appealing and well-designed. Many factors play a role when creating such website, and it is never an easy task to create the perfect web design. That is why investing in this task should be the obvious choice, as there is a clear connection between a website’s usability and its conversion rate. If focus rests on increasing sales, there are many reasons to consider improved web development. Whether you are a Danish company or an international/non-Danish corporation wanting to target Danish users, we are ready to help you to create the perfect web design - always well designed and specifically adjusted to your users.

First and foremost, it is important to have a responsive web design. This means that the website will adjust to its users, no matter which screen or operating system a user visits your website through. In short, a responsive website is a website which works equally well with computers, tablets and smartphones.  

Each successful website has its own unique design. This can very well be created from a well-functioning template, but when using such, the website always needs to be adjusted in order to stand out. Furthermore, graphic design is applied to the website. This can be done by adding a unique logo, but more specifically, graphic design is applied in the actual construction of the website. When constructing the website graphically, the structure is an important element, and the same goes for the website’s colour scheme. Here, simplicity is the keyword. However, it takes great effort to create a successful website – even though the final goal is a website which is easy-to-use and simple.

Obviously, you always want to give your visitors the best first impression. Creating a good first impression should be the object of all websites – no matter your company’s prime intentions and background. The design is evident, as it is the first thing a potential customer will see. But the construction is actually just as important as the design. In relation to web development, it is always a first priority that the website does not seem clumsy, or is difficult to navigate in. Furthermore, it is evident that it does not contain elements which decrease the speed of the website.

The website has to reflect security, and it must signalise secure shopping to the customers. Moreover, the image of the website should be natural and safe. In connection with this, the speed of the website plays an important role.

We work to implement all of these factors on your website with special focus on appealing to Danish customers. Furthermore, we put great focus on conversion optimisation. A solid construction of the website is often the way to better conversion, but it takes more. Call-to-Action functions, which lead visitors towards buying a given product, are just one of the functions that must be implemented to make it easy for a customer to decide to buy. Even though it might be connected to the marketing part of your website, it must always be considered throughout the entire development of the website.

Scalable solutions

Apart from the elements which make a website interesting for its visitors, the website must be relatively easy to maintain and flexible to work with.

All businesses spend a great number of hours on their own websites. Therefore, it is important that the website is developed to ensure easy usability. This demands flexibility – something we are experts on creating, and one of many good reasons why you should let us do the job.

In addition to the initial design of the website, there always needs to be room for improvement. This could be a prospective redesign or just minor renovations here and there. The internet is only going in one direction, and that is forward. Changes are happening constantly and new options and opportunities of ways of boosting your website are constantly arising.

In the past few years, optimisation of speed has been the focal point of many web-developers. Basically, this means that the website must be optimised to function as fast as possible. There are few things in this world which scares off a user more than a slow website. Extra load time of just one simple second can seem as an eternity to the average internet user - especially to the user visiting your website through a Google search. Therefore, speed optimisation should always be prioritised when developing a website. Furthermore, speed is something which can be improved when the website is up and running – This also applies to websites which already have a good point of departure when it comes to speed.

To sum up, the overall goal is to create a website which is both functional and well-designed at the same time. This might seem as an immeasurable task, which is why it makes great sense to hire professional people to do the job. And this is where we come into play. We are always ready to talk options when you decide to contact us. Every company has different needs when it comes to web development, no exceptions. When working with us, you will most probably be presented with a tailor-made offer, created to fit your specific needs. This ensures that your upcoming web project will function and run in best possible manner.