Optify er nu en del af web- og marketingbureauet Attityde d. 1. juli 2023

Effective webshop setup

As a webshop owner, you have to deal with many different things at the same time. Often, products and marketing are the main foci of peoples’ attention. However, we must not forget that the webshop in itself has to be well-developed. Usually, working with the website becomes more manageable when the system is well-developed - and a good design is something which really attracts and keeps the best customers.

The design of the webshop is one of the most important factors. It is the first thing a customer sees when he or she visits the webshop. Therefore, it is very important that the design is absolutely spot on. However, appearances are not all, and the general functionality has an influence as well. In most cases, the best webshops are easy-to-use, simple, fast and efficient. It can be difficult to create the perfect combination, but it is a task which we can help you with, if you let us.

We offer webshop designs created from scratch, but moreover, we offer redesigns of already existing webshops. We put a great deal of focus on flexibility, as it is our belief that further development of the webshop should always be possible if needed. Development can be graphic and functional improvements of the website, but can also relate to situations of great growth in your business. The needs of a small webshop differ from the needs of a larger webshop, and if situations change, it is important to always be able to adjust to these.

When dealing with webshops, we focus on usability. We work to make the webshop responsive in order to make it work for everyone. A great deal of sales is made through smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is important that the website functions on all types of operating units and systems, and the design has to work and look good on all screens. We offer scalable solutions with the possibility of expansion in capacity when needed. No matter your initial ambitions – small as large – it is always relevant to have a flexible platform in order to easily facilitate growth. This is one of the most important factors when running a modern webshop – the ability to stay current and keep up with the latest developments.

Customised webshop solution

Each webshop is unique. Everything varies; from the products to the marketing strategy. Therefore, each webshop needs a customised solution when it comes to the design and the web-development. This can be done by placing focus on the products. The target is always to convert visitors to purchase, and this can only happen if the products are easy of access. This calls for the elimination of major distractions. Furthermore, it requires a design which centralises the most important products for your shop specifically.

A webshop needs to be attractive to search engines, and in almost all businesses, a major part of traffic comes from Google. In certain areas, it is possible to optimise a website and make its content more visible to search engines. Naturally, we are aware of this when working with your webshop.

In most cases, it can be beneficial to enter into longer cooperation agreements where development and services are maintained along the way. Many webshops are going through constant development and need regular optimisation. Therefore, the construction of the webshop is actually just the beginning – subsequently, the webshop has to be continuously maintained to keep it up to date. 

You are more than welcome to contact us if you wish to receive a proposal of at customised solution for your webshop. We are always ready to talk possibilities and relevant solutions for your webshop specifically.