Search engine optimisation and turnover

Search engine optimisation is often regarded as the best way to strengthen an online business. It takes effort, but gives both durable and long-lasting results. High rankings in Google equals domination of the market and often leads to more sales. It is worth all efforts – and we are here to help you get your business started when it comes to direction your SEO towards Danish users.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation and something we cannot avoid when it comes gaining success online. The goal is to optimise your website as much as possible in relation to the search results on Google, Bing and other popular search engines. The traffic coming from these search engines can be immense when striking the right market niches. That is why SEO often gives the best results in the long run when it comes to online marketing strategies.

By improving the rankings of your website in Google, you will eventually get more visitors. The difference between ranking number 1 and ranking number 5 is major. When reaching page 1, each placing counts drastically. In return, it becomes more and more difficult the higher you rank. You most probably already have competitors who have done some thorough work on their SEO, and it can be difficult to keep up. It takes expertise which you can get either by studying the field yourself, or by outsourcing the job. The latter gives you more time to focus on your own areas of expertise.

More visitors entering through search engines should give more sales in the shop. In any case, more customers will know of your website, which is one of the major advantages of SEO: When a person carries out a search and chooses the most relevant result, this person is often someone who is already interested in the topic of the given website. Therefore, SEO is very essential when it comes to gaining new customers. When SEO is done correctly, the end result is more often than not a higher turnover.

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On-Page and Off-Page SEO

A great advantage of SEO is that it has nothing to do with advertising. In many cases, search engines remain neutral and simply work to show the best results in searches. By optimising your website, you can get attention from Google, free of charge. The only thing it takes, is that you create good content on your website which the search engines like – good content is an important factor when websites are being ranked.

On-Page SEO is the content found on your own website. On-Page SEO applies to pictures and descriptions of specific products. Furthermore, On-Page SEO can be a website containing a company’s contact information, or an information website which through links (link building), leads the visitor on to other pages. On-page SEO can be optimised by creating easy-to-read content containing good headlines and passages, unique and valuable content and a couple of references here and there.

Off-Page SEO is slightly more complicated due to the fact that the work has to be made on other pages than your own. The absolute most important element of off-Page SEO is links – this means references from other websites to yours. In this case, the quality of links is more relevant than the quantity, but if you are able to create a combination of both, the result will often be excellent. However, the quality will always be the most important factor: Two good links are always better than many average ones. Hence, when we work with SEO, we always have quality in mind.

A website treated with SEO can usually always be characterised as being well optimised with good and natural content – and simultaneously have strong incoming links.

We offer a health-check for your website. A health-check gives you the opportunity to learn more about your website’s current capabilities in Google along with some ideas to possible changes. If you are interested in such health-check, you are always more than welcome to contact us.

Value-adding content and visibility

If you need a stable and competent SEO partner, we are always ready to help you. We work systematically in order to cover all areas, from the initial analysis of your website, to the optimisation itself. The optimisation covers editing of content, copywriting, continuous optimisation and measurement of effect.

Furthermore, we offer advising, and in collaboration with you, we will create the marketing goals. Our job is all about optimisation your website and direct it at the ideal target audience in the search engines. First, we need to analyse, and then we get to work. 

Communication and transparency are two of our top priorities. It should always be possible to gain insight in our work with SEO, just like it always should be possible to adjust in the process. Our methods are no secret to our customers, and you will always be updated when we optimise your website. This creates clarity, which we see as an important aspect for both partners.