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Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) is Google’s advertising program, and an excellent tool to obtain new customers. Your business will be paying for sponsored links in Google’s search results, which ensures more curious visitors – visitors who are already interested in your market niche.

Despite being sponsored paid advertising, Google Ads takes some effort when it comes to optimisation. Even in Google Ads, the competition is high, exactly as it is in regular SEO. You can easily use both Google Ads and SEO to attract customers. One solution never excludes the other, and in fact, many companies use a combination of the two.

We will help your business to formulate the right search words. We analyse the market and competition, which results in the best possible profit. Prices vary on different search words depending on competitive strength, and it is vital to be in the game and not use the wrong search words. It is all about getting as much out of your Google Ads advertising as possible. We are here to help you to produce the right campaigns in order for you to attract as many customers as possible through Google. It is a time-consuming project, and not something we finish in one single operation. Instead, we see it as a continuous project which demands constant maintenance.

Communication and transparancy

We always strive towards good communication. Good communication indicates a great collaboration between you as a client and us as your business partner, and we value the initial state of balancing the expectations in relation to goals. Let us know what your company needs concerning AdWords, and we can contribute with our ideas for improvement. The job is always done on the basis of your wishes and needs, and a good collaboration is essential for excellent results in this market.

Knowing your company’s goals, gives us something to direct our work at. This makes the optimisation more manageable, and usually brings better results. As soon as we have started the process of AdWords optimisation, it becomes possible to take a closer look at the statistics. Conducting regular reports, enables us to analyse whether we need to make changes, or if we managed to strike the perfect advertising possibilities.

The most important statistic in connection with AdWords is ROI. ROI is short for Return On Investment, and gives an indication of whether or not the conducted advertising leads to sales. Ideally, it should, as this is the exact purpose of AdWords advertising. It might cost €50 to bring 50 interested visitors to your website, but if this is the price of a couple of extra sales and a regular customer, then it is a price definitely worth paying. 

It is all about getting as much out of AdWords as possible, and we can help you with exactly that. We have produced advertisements for several web-based companies and we are always on the lookout for new challenges. You are always welcome to contact us, if you want to learn more about your options for advertising in Google AdWords.