Optify er nu en del af web- og marketingbureauet Attityde d. 1. juli 2023

Consultancy of media strategy

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to reach potential customers. Many Danes spend time on Facebook, and with excellent advertising possibilities, using Facebook is an opportunity you cannot let pass – at least, if your goal is to attract new customers and more sales.

We are always ready to offer our professional guidance when you need help or consultancy in Facebook Ads.

For most people, Facebook is a personal tool, used only to keep in contact with friends and family. However, Facebook is an extremely good website for business purposes as well. The high percentage of Danes on Facebook makes it possible to reach all target groups, if the advertising is done properly.

When you decide to contact us, we will construct a specific strategy which can help you reach your conversion goals. We analyse your field, the advertising costs and your target group. A combination of these elements, gives plenty of opportunities of gaining new potential customers. During the process, we will keep up with the statistics as it is our belief that it should always be possible to make tweaks and improvements, if needed.

We always strive towards creating a good dialog between ourselves and you as our client. Preferably, the relation is personal, even though it is digital. A personal relation means easier determination of goals. It gives a direction towards the best strategy to create more sales using the given marketing strategy.

Moreover, the advertising needs to match with the vision, mission and values of your company. It needs to be the focal point when Facebook-users spot the advertisement. Of course, you want to give the users a good first impression of your company, and ideally you want to create a sense of future recognition. It is always essential to have focus on brand awareness when dealing with Facebook Ads. We will work towards making this happen in your advertisements.

Advertising using Facebook Ads

When we start the initial work with your case, we need to agree on regular basic matters such as budgets and campaigns. You probably already have an idea about the budget. Our aim is to create as big a ROI (Return On Investment) as possible. This is usually done by creating specific campaigns, without eliminating the classic advertisements. We have discovered that offers and contests create far more interest than regular branding, which makes it worth focusing on.

Graphic layouts of pictures and texts is also a part of working with Facebook Ads. An advertisement has to be catchy and the centre of attention. This can easily be done just with text in itself – it has actually been proven that certain keywords have the power of attracting people’s attention. However, pictures add power, and the combination of text and pictures tend to be really strong. There is no single golden rule to follow, since not two companies are completely alike and always express themselves in different ways. Fortunately, we are experienced in graphic production of Facebook Ads for different unique kinds of companies. Finding a unique solution for your company, will never be a problem for us.

We recommend you to use contests in your advertising. It has the power of attracting people, without necessarily being a costly affair. Being strategic in your planning, can give you a major long-term advantage by advertising using promotions, contents and the like. All of this, and more, is something we will look closer into, when you contact us.

You are always more than welcome to contact us. Getting to know your company, enables us to work out the perfect strategy for you to start using Facebook Ads.