E-mails give effective conversion

E-mail marketing must never be neglected. It is an effective way of generating more sales, but at the same time, it takes some effort. To ensure that you work towards specific goals, it is always a good idea to have an initial strategy to work from. Preferably, the result should be a high conversion rate – but the effect of e-mail marketing can vary a great deal. Therefore, we are ready to help you plan a good marketing strategy, specifically designed to fit your company’s image, identity and vision.

The are many different ways of doing marketing through e-mail. First and foremost, a webshop owner can take care of insecure customers by sending them the correct e-mails. Many potential customers look through a webshop, place a product in the basket, but leave the webshop just before the last step of the purchase. The term for such behaviour is referred to as ’abandoned basket’.

Instead of letting potential sales escape, it is always better to send an e-mail to the customer. These emails can be distributed automatically, and you will not have to worry about the technical matters. We can help you take advantage of the abandoned basket cases, ensuring potential sales which otherwise might have been lost. It is all about utilising the cases of abandoned baskets in a sensible manner, while being creative. A successful method is to send out an automatised e-mail 24 hours after the visit, to let the potential customer know that the given product is still in stock. But this is just one out of many possible methods.

Another important aspect of e-mail marketing, is to be clear and precise in your e-mails. A clear call-to-action that gives the customer an easy shortcut directly from the e-mail to your website, is evident. Some marketers are quite conservative in their e-mails and seem to forget to create a clear call-to-action. It is all about being clear and precise, and the potential customer must be made aware that he or she can easily return to the product at any time.

It can be a bit tricky to write e-mails that sell. It is evident that the applied language is right. A well-written e-mail is never complicated to read, and should always make the customer rethink his or her decision. It can be helpful to arrange a plan for sending out e-mails in order for the e-mails to fit the customers’ wishes and needs. It is always a good idea to send out e-mails whenever your company has special offers. A lot of sales come from unique offers. By making the customers aware of these, you will have a good possibility of selling more of your regular products as well.


Advising and lay-out

There are many things to consider when trying to create attention through e-mail marketing. But how do we create a list of potential customers to send these e-mails to in the first place?

The obvious method is to construct a newsletter. Many webshops offer their customers things like smaller discount codes or a free bonus product when signing up for a newsletter. Within a short period of time, you will have constructed a fulfilling list of e-mail addresses, applicable for additional sales in the future. In addition, it can be wise to send out e-mails to all previous customers – customers that all passed on their e-mail address when shopping with you online.

Newsletters make it possible to increase sales with both potential and existing customers. However, it demands a strategy which should not be limited to promotional e-mails, but also consist of e-mails which are informative and educational from time to time.

The planning demands some consideration, and so does the execution itself. It is all about creating more sales, but at the same time, customer loyalty must be preserved. No one likes to be spammed with e-mails. However, a good offer once a week has never harmed anyone, and can be rewarding for both parts.

We have much experience in e-mail marketing, and if you need assistance with your webshop, we will be happy to take on the job. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a smart and effective email strategy.