Save time and money

All companies need texts. Product specifications, information descriptions and even texts for extern pages (often seen in connection with link building), can attract potential customers if constructed correctly, and is worth paying some attention. 

One of the great advantages of outsourcing your company’s copywriting, is the vast amount of time it will save you. As business owner or marketing manager, your schedule is often filled with more essential tasks. Copywriting can be a time-consuming process, and outsourcing it, is simply easier and will give you more time to fulfil your key tasks.

However, the market for copywriting is of great variety. Some copywriters offer cheap text of large quantity, while other copywriters offer more expensive and fine-polished texts with specific focus on creating more sales. Choosing between these all depends on your needs.

For companies working with link building, it can be a good idea to strive towards a larger amount of cheaper texts. These texts are not written with focus on high quality, but rather of great and usable quantity. In the genre of product specification and descriptions, it is better to have a combination of quality and quantity, and texts in this genre will often, according to the market average, be more expensive. Finally, the category of press releases can be mentioned as a category with no specific need for quantity, but a strong demand for spot-on quality.

Clearly, the needs when it comes to copywriting varies a great deal. You might already have an idea of what kind of text you are looking for, and if not, we can easily guide you in the right direction of the copywriting most suitable for your company’s needs.

Content marketing and SEO

In the past years, content marketing has been a topic of conversation. It has even been categorised as a SEO strategy, since it has been proved that good content in itself has the ability of attracting a vast amount of natural links. 

When it comes to ’good content’, text is essential. The text does not have to stand on its own, but can be combined with pictures, videos, graphics and interactive initiatives. However, the text must never be neglected, as most visitors like descriptions, and the same does Google. A text description of a video or a series of pictures, often creates a sense of security. Even in contexts where text is not the prime focus, it stills plays a big part of the lay-out.

Texts of high quality is important for both intern and extern search engine optimisation, and naturally, the text on your website has to be attractive for visitors who enter via searches, references or advertisements.

All in all, the benefits of hiring professional copywriting are plural. You will save time and potentially money by getting the job done at the right place. Texts are important, but it might just be one of the easiest and most obvious tasks to outsource. Outsourcing your copywriting gives you more time and space to work with your marketing, organisation, sales and so on.

We are ready to assist you when you need new texts for your business. We offer you our expert advising on the type of text most suitable for your company, and we will analyse your needs when it comes to quality, quantity and your needs when it comes to sales and information texts.