Optify er nu en del af web- og marketingbureauet Attityde d. 1. juli 2023

Customised solutions

With a demand for more than just a regular website solution, we offer the option of special development. This means the creation of a solution with your specific needs in focus. This demands for a greater effort, but creates more flexibility in the long run. More and more companies are starting to consider special developments of their websites and applications. We are ready to talk options, if your company is considering a special development.

For us, the ability to offer the perfect solution for each individual customer is evident. Especially when it comes to commercial needs – to develop an application which actually creates profit for your business. Moreover, the development of functional and manageable software is in focus. As with any other web-based product, creating a solution only applicable to computers, is no longer sufficient. A lot of visitors, and with these, potential sales, come through smartphones, which implies that the software has to be fitted according to this. So, we do not just offer special development - we offer responsive special development.

The fact that we offer agile web development means that we can easily adjust to any given job, and that the development will be carried out in cooperation with you as our client. In short, the solution will fit your needs, even though it takes some adjusting in the process. Special development is carried out with the purpose of creating extraordinary products. When doing so, the agility is a must as cooperation is vital in order to create customised solutions.

Basically, it is all about developing customised solutions. There is no better way of saying it, and no better way of working with it either. 

Microsoft certified

We are certified developing partners at Microsoft, which gives us the option of making organised solutions to Microsoft platforms. We work with a .NET framework, which in short is a framework that runs on Microsoft Windows, which all applications in theory can use.

Being an Open Source, makes it one of the most popular platforms to work with when constructing web applications. In addition to this, it is an extremely flexible framework to develop in. It gives great freedom of design, which is nice when opting for a unique solution. It is possible to create a special developed website which fits your needs perfectly. At the same time, the option of further development with extra extensions and implementations, is possible.

The platform behind a website (or an application for that matter) is always determining the quality of the website itself. The more customised and adjusted, the better. It is exactly what makes custom development attractive for many companies. Even small business and start-ups find interest in a special developed solution, because it makes it possible to stand out from the mass. For larger companies, it can often be a necessity to opt for special developments, as demands for the systems can be greater than what regular CMS-systems offer.

With a special developed solution, it is easier to maintain the project subsequently – given that the job has been done correctly. Updates can always be added, and one of the great advantages of custom development, is the fact that you have a platform which is slightly more flexible than ready-made solutions.

Do you find yourself wanting to learn more about special development and how this can help your company? We are always ready to offer our counseling and expertise in development in the field, and you are more than welcome to contact us.